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17 March 2014 @ 11:08 am
This is a master list of fan fiction from my old journal,illiterate , and this journal. If I'm posting it here, then it's not too shameful for public consumption. Oh, das Leben. Das leben am Internet. I am apparently the queen of the once-off.

If those who cannot do, teach; then those who cannot write, write fan-fiction.Collapse )
Secretary of Diplomatic Teas and Bombing Things
14 November 2013 @ 05:05 pm
GUYS. HI! I don't remember the last time I posted here. Is that ok???? I wanted to share my newest obsession with you, and I thought you might enjoy this Thor/Loki snippet which I humbly offer to you.

Hands On Me
Spoilers for The Dark World (but not really)
PG, pre-slash
228 words
Loki is annoying, and then he"s not.Collapse )

This is like a warm-up jog. More to follow.
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03 July 2013 @ 03:20 pm
i feel like i'm never going to have fun ever again.
Secretary of Diplomatic Teas and Bombing Things
28 June 2013 @ 06:56 pm

The reality of it is bigger and sadder than you can imagine. A whale smashed into a goldfish bowl.

Secretary of Diplomatic Teas and Bombing Things
10 April 2013 @ 05:50 pm
when you're your own thinspiration.
i was twenty once.
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25 January 2013 @ 02:44 pm
Once upon a time my LJ had my most complicated login password because it was so super sekrit and I wrote things I didn't want anyone to read. Now I mostly write about my relationship problems.

I can't believe people actually use BitCoin.
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06 November 2012 @ 12:34 pm



Really, guys? No one watches this show??

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17 May 2012 @ 03:00 pm
Jonathan and I spent 12 hours in Washington DC yesterday.

We took the train from Penn Station at 6:00AM, got to DC at 9:44, and then took the metro to Arlington National Cemetery where I experienced my first "military" funeral. We went down for Jonathan's grandma's memorial service. Her husband, Bill, was a major in the US Air Force, and he was buried at Arlington in the 1970s. Jonathan had never seen his grandfather's grave before, and neither of us had ever been to Arlington, so that was quite cool. There are SO many tour groups, you sort of worry that you will be on display when you first get there. But then we took a car all the way out to the grave site, and sat in chairs set up for the family by the tombstone, and an Air Force chaplain gave a sermon (honestly, the nicest funeral sermon I've ever heard), and then we laid flowers on her urn.

After the service, we went out to lunch Jonathan's family -- the first family members of his that I've met. After almost 4 years! Can you believe that? His family is super nice, and his aunt and uncle are very smart, and very cool. It was really nice. His aunt and uncle dropped us off on the Mall and we wandered through the National Museum of the American Indian (which I've wanted to visit since sophomore year of college), and then the Air and Space Museum. We walked out to the Washington monument, and down the White House lawn. Didn't make it to the Lincoln memorial, sadly.

At the end of the day, we took the metro up to Dupont Circle (I always hear Sydney Ellen Wade's voice in my head when I think about Dupont Circle), and tried to go to a restaurant called Little Serow which is supposed to be very good. I'd been in touch with them in advance because they don't take reservations, but one of my coworkers used to work for the same chef, so we assumed we'd be able to get in, and bought six packs of beer in advance for the kitchen. Then we got there, they took the beer, said thank you, and couldn't seat us. AHAHAHA it was really annoying and I was perturbed by the whole experience. We had shitty clams and mussels instead. Oh well... that was the lowest point of the day, the rest of it was great.

We took an 8:45pm train home, slept through all of it, and got back to our apartment about 1am. All told, a good adventure, if a tiring one. I am taking the rest of the week off, so I'm spending some of today on the couch with a big cup of tea, and planning a trip to a knitting store for a little late. I'm going to start working on a shawl, but I want to pick up some new yarn first.

I'm heading up to Smith this weekend for reunion and graduation. Should be a good time. Here the only pictures taken on our trip that are worth looking at. In all of the other ones I look like fat!Betty Draper.  I wish I'd taken a picture of Jonathan with his aunt and uncle... I suck.

This is me in front of a giant formerly nuclear missile.

Jonathan, in silhouette, in front of the Washington monument.

Home sweet home.
Secretary of Diplomatic Teas and Bombing Things
15 January 2012 @ 12:35 am
I'm bored and spent the whole day surfing the internet, posting on Tumblr  and Something Awful (reserve on both sites) and watching a Firefly marathon. I also ate these things:
  • Meal replacement shake
  • 2 eggs scrambled with white onion and cut up lox, with a slice of whole-grain toast
  • apple with organic peanut butter
  • cup of homemade turkey chili with sauteed spinach
  • oatmeal with chopped almonds and blueberries.
Way too much food. Not leaving the house makes me eat everything. I really wanted pigs-in-blankets and grilled cheese and cookies, but none of these things are on my diet. I went to the supermarket to pick something up for Jonathan, and thankfully they didn't have pigs-in-blankets in the freezer section because I would've bought them and cooked them and eaten the whole box with Gulden's mustard. Phew!

I called my mom and she compared cravings when you're on a diet to being a drug addict and it's true! I feel that way. I was prowling the supermarket like I was looking to score some dope. It was bad. I think I was actually muttering aloud to myself. Anyway, I made it out alive and hot-dog-free; but I do feel like I ate way too much today considering how inactive I was. Tomorrow will be better. The protein shake really threw me off because it tasted SO GOOD. Like a great chocolate smoothie. And having something sweet that's not fruit for the first time in 10 days was pretty wild.

My taste buds were like:

Which speaks to the fact that I have clearly forgotten what good, sweet food tastes like. Still, I am looking forward to my shake tomorrow morning like it's my job. Although what I really want is a full English breakfast. Ahem.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying Sherlock. I wasn't sure if you knew that I was into Sherlock, but I so am. And I am so happy to see Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman appearing in so many exciting things *cough*The Hobbit*cough.* I also saw Benedict Cumberbatch in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which I really, really loved. It's a spy movie! Everyone is in it! Everyone is gay! It's dreary and sad and kind of slow! Jonathan slept through most of it, but I was riveted. It's like the very, very not-kitschy British version of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, another movie about the Cold War that I adore.

Here's the stuff that I ill-advisedly bought on Etsy today:

Oversized, pink wool winter coat. Size large. We'll see. $37.

Ridiculous jean vest that I will wear the shit out of. $23

Raw Herkimer Diamond crystal studs. $30. I own no nice earrings.

I guess I could go to bed now. Jonathan is at work. He works really late most nights. I am sleepy, but not really tired enough to get into bed and our bedroom is SO cold that it's actually difficult to be in. As it were, I am bundled up in PJ bottoms, a sweatshirt, and a blanket and I'm in the warmest room in the apartment.

Over the past week I have watched the extended editions of all three LOTR movies. I have no regret. I cried about five times during ROTK last night. Again, no regret.

How are you? I almost just lost this whole entry and flipped a giant, irrational shitfit.
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01 December 2011 @ 06:52 pm
Dudes, is there anyone out there who wants to read an essay I wrote for my PhD application? It's a book review and I need someone to just read it and tell me if it sucks.

E-mail me: catastrophe [dot] waitress [@]